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About Us

The Malawi data portal is open to all and offers a host of data products on key development indicators.


What is the MIP-1 Dashboard?

The MIP-1 dashboard is an integrated window for tracking and reporting implementation progress of the MIP-1 and SDGs. This portal is data-driven since it is connected to a dynamic indicator data warehouse that will continuously be updated. It is also a planning reference because it contains all MIP-1 prioritised interventions and their respective implementation status thereby giving stakeholder timely implementation progress of interventions that will help in follow-up actions to accelerate implementation.

Where does the data come from?

The underlying indicator data warehouse is focused on MIP-1 indicators and interventions. The warehouse has disaggregated data for subgroups where necessary across time periods. Responsible institutions of interventions are key providers of the data.

Who are the expected users of this portal?

The dashboard is open to all stakeholders. Given the overarching nature of the MIP-1 and SDGs, everyone is encouraged to engage with this dashboard. This include public institutions, development partners, media, academia, students, policymakers, private sector, civil society, and general public.

What are the different data products available?

This dashboard contains a host of data products, each of which is unique in its own way. Below we are listing each one of them while explaining their specificities:

  • SDG Wheel : The SDG wheel provides highlights of the progress made in Malawi based on the latest Voluntary National Review Report of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Metadata Hub : The indicator-based data warehouse is cross sectorial where the definition, disaggregation, reporting frequency (among others) of each indicator is being provided (whenever it is available). This space is important since it ensures that everyone has the same understanding about an indicator.

  • Resources : Key publications are being classified and stored in one place. The resource library is a dynamic space that will keep on growing with key documents that can easily be searched through filters.

  • Data Visualiser : The Data Visualiser is a tool that allows to query the indicator-based data warehouse of Malawi. This user-friendly tool allows one to quickly search an indicator and present the data through various key visuals (trend data, disaggregated data for the most recent time period, disaggregated data across time period). Users will have the possibility to edit the visualisations and download them.

  • Monitoring dashboard : The progress achieved in the MIP-1 can be visualised through the MIP-1 monitoring dashboard. The dashboard is built by progress reported on the MIP-1 M&E framework.  Users will have a view of the status of the programmatic indicators as well as the financial indicators. This dashboard also helps understand funding and its utilization for each intervention.


The National Planning Commission manages this portal. You may contact NPC for more information at dg@npc.mw with an enquiry title: “MIP-1 Dashboard”